Gaming on Your Schedule

For 2015 we’re moving up a few months – because who can stand waiting until July again! In addition we are adding even more gaming. We will have around 72 hours of straight gaming! We will start in the evening of Thursday, April 16th and go straight through until the evening of Sunday, April 19th. We will once again be at the DIA Crowne Plaza.

Hope to see you all at CoG15 for an amazing 72 hours of all sorts of tabletop gaming: board games, miniatures, role-playing, card games, train games, dexterity games and what ever else we can squeeze in.

A weekend of open gaming!

Conclave of Gamers is an open tabletop gaming convention in Denver, CO. That means no seat fees, and mainly open, unscheduled play. Play what you want, when you want.

Print out a CoG15 Flyer to give to your family and friends.

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  • Three days of open gaming from Thursday evening to Sunday evening, for Role-Playing Games, Miniatures, Board & Card games.
  • Tournaments; including a TGA sanctioned Puffing Billy
  • Designers' / Play-Test area (current list)
  • Dexterity games area
  • Official Z-Man Pandemic Survival Event
  • Tabletop Game Auction (details)


  • An attendees favorite: a Loopin' Louie tournament.
  • Tichu tournament.
  • Crokinole tournament.
  • Blood Bowl tournament.
  • Ticket to Ride tournament (Part of Puffing Billy).
  • Empire Builder tournament (Part of Puffing Billy).
  • Netrunner tournament
  • Warkhammer 40k: Conquest tournament
  • Sanctioned Puffy Billy tournament.

Dexterity Area

We will have an area where a selection of dexterity games will always be setup (during library hours). Current list:

  • PitchCar
  • Roadzters / Bisikle
  • Tumblin-Dice
  • Crokinole
  • WeyKick


  • Infinity events


We're pleased that Rocky Mountain Savages are joining us this year!

Venue Info

Address: 15500 E. 40th Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80239. Easy access from I-70 (on Chambers Rd) and from Peña Blvd (on 40th Avenue). Also easy access from I-225 (exit to east I-70, stay in exit only lane to Chambers Rd).
Map/Location: The are a variety of local restaurants (list).
Reservations: The Crowne Plaze is excited to have us join them this year and so they have extended a great room rate to our guests: just $109.00 a night!
Online: This link will take you to our area of the Crowne Plaza site that will give you our special room rate (only guaranteed through March 27th)
Phone: By phone make sure to mention your with Conclave of Gamers to get our special room rate. Call 888-233-9527 (on smart phones you can click the number to make the call).

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Time Well Spent Games

Denver's own friendly online game store. Some of the best prices and customer service in the industry.

Board Game Meetup

A new place for game groups and gamers to find each other.

Andres Canals - Our Logo's Creator

Thanks to Andres Canals for this year's winning logo: the Conclave Sorceress. You can see more of his art or get in contact with him at:

Chris F. Gray, P.C.

Avid gamer-attorney providing services in family law, personal injury and general practice throughout the Front Range. ph. (303) 359-0025

Sponsors (2014)

Rio Grande Games

Once again a special thanks to Rio Grande Games for their contributions to our game library. Make sure to check out their newest games in our library.

Rocky Mountain Games - Developer/Play-Test Area Sponsor

Rocky Mountain Games is a company based in Denver, Colorado USA dedicated to developing, designing and producing Board Games, Card Games and Role Playing Games.

Tabletop Props - Miniatures Area Sponsor

Tabletop Props is committed to providing detailed and affordable props and terrain to the miniature enthusiast. Sign up for their mailing list and be the first to hear about their Kickstarter in June.

Crystal Spider Games - RPG Area Sponsor

A great place to find both vintage and new items, including Magic: The Gathering, out of print board games, miniatures, etc. You can even pre-order for pick up at the Conclave! If there is something you are looking for that you don't see on the site simply email them, items being added daily.

Tasty Minstrel Games

A special thanks to Tasty Minstrel Games for their contributions to both our game library and our play-to-win offerings. All of their games will be available in our library, you can check the games out from there.


#GeekStreetSociety (KGSS) is an internet based, nationally accredited digital broadcaster. Our topics cover everything geek including Anime/Manga, Comics/Cartoons, Sci-Fi, Wrestling, Video Games, Technology, MMO's, Tabletop Games, Cars, and MMJ .

Stronghold Games

Once again a special thanks to Stronghold Games for their contributions to our play-to-win offerings. The play-to-win games are in a separate area of our library, you can check the games out from there.

Zen Pathz / Limn Interactive

Zen Pathz a new video game coming soon from Limn Interactive. Play SINGLE PLAYER, CO-OP, TEAMS, or AGAINST one another.

Evil Beagle Games

The makers of the Shaintar RPG setting. They also run a global shared campaign called Justice and Life. They will be running some Justice and Life events at CoG14.

Shep's Games - Board Game Area Sponsor

A local Aurora game store: "We sell games to people because we believe that having fun is important."

Visit Aurora

Thanks to Visit Aurora for their support! Visit their site to help plan your visit to the Denver / Aurora area of Colorado. They have a Visitor Guide available for free.

Dune Trader Games

A great source for out of print RPG's.