About Us

The Conclave of Gamers is a gaming convention in the Denver area that focuses on table-top gaming of all kinds: board and card games, role-playing games and miniature games. Everyone who comes is encouraged to bring some of their favorite games to share and teach. You are welcome to ask to join any game that isn't full and start any game as long as there is an available table.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to host events where the gaming experience is the top priority.

What does that mean?

It means that we do all we can to ensure that you, our attendee, can get as much gaming in during our events as you possibly can. That you can play the games you want, when you want. We want a convention that is open and flexible; one that is welcoming for the new gamer, while including the events that veteran gamers expect at a large convention. So, nearly all games have their rules taught first; we welcome and encourage open gaming; and most events are included in your badge fee. We want you enjoying your time playing games, not wasting your time, signing up for games, fretting over schedules and paying for each individual game.

Conclave of Gamers: "Your games. Your convention. Your way."

Conclave of Gamers Staff / Volunteers

Name Position email
Chad Uecker Convention Director chadu@conclaveofgamers.org
Sean Brown Convention Director / Vendor Director mrbgames@gmail.com
Robert Doolittle Hospitality/Registration Director robert@conclaveofgamers.org
Jennifer Dulock RPG Director jennifer@conclaveofgamers.org
Jarrod Abel Board Game Coordinator
Chris Taylor Hospitality Coordinator


Conclave of Gamers began in summer of 2012 because we couldn’t find a convention in our area that focused on the gaming experience as a whole and was as large as we knew the Denver area could support. The name came about from a few different sources: we were copying some of the open concept of Gathering of Friends, but didn’t want to use the word gathering. So, needed a word that meant gathering, and at the time our founder was reading Raymond E. Feist’s books, where the heroes in the story create a secret organization called the Conclave of Shadows that worked behind the scenes for the benefit of all. The final reason was that the first syllable is “con” which most people tag on the end of their convention names to signify that it is a convention. So, this allowed us to get the word "con" in our name without sounding like the multitude of conventions that follow the format of "<name> Con".