Designers / Play-Test

We will once again have a play-test area at Conclave 2016. This area is for game designers (and publishers) to come and get their games play-tested or demo their newest games. There is no extra charge for this as we are doing this as a service to the gaming community. But, those attending and running the games will still need passes to the event. For more details and options see below.

For gamers, here's your chance to be a play-tester and/or play the newest games; and for designers a way to reach more people, find more willing play-testers and spread the word about your great game.

This is a list of the game designers / publishers who have already committed to being a part of our Designers'/Play-Test area.


Designers / Publishers Options

  • We will have one table setup for all of you to use for promotional materials only! You're all sharing one table, so this is for items like stickers, business cards, a pile of half-sheet flyers, etc. You can't sell games from the shared table or put games on that table.
  • If you want to sell games also, you have the same options as a vendor, see our vendor / sponsor page for details.
  • To run your games you need a convention pass.


Interested game designers / publishers can contact us at