Vendor Information

Thanks for your interest in joining us at Conclave 2016!

First, note, due to our contract with the hotel, we can't have a vendor that sells food.

Second, we want everyone involved with the Conclave to leave happy after having a great weekend of fun and that includes our vendors. So we want to be as up front with everything as we can. This is only our third year of moving beyond a small local convention, so we have no idea of how many attendees we will have. We had around 350 attendees the last two years.

Lastly, we won't have has much room this year for vendors, so we're very limited on the number. We're currently waiting to hear from a couple more vendors from previous years before we open this up to new vendors.

  • $125 - BASIC: Get a table, two chairs and 1 vendor pass. (Vendor passes do not let you play games)
  • $250 - AREA:  Get a table, two chairs and 1 vendor pass, put your company name / logo on our home page; listed as a sponsor on our online sched app; put in the rotating sponsor list on our media wall and have a banner made that shows which area of the convention you are sponsoring: i.e. "[Your company] RPG area". There are currently four of these available: Board Game, RPG, Miniatures, Designer/Play-test and possibly one more.


  • +$25 - change a vendor pass to a full pass which will let you vend and play games.
  • +$15 - add another vendor pass

For additional full weekend passes, just buy those at normal attendee prices.

Contact us for more information as we are willing to work with each of our vendors and sponsors. The listed options are not the only possibilites.

We also would welcome any suggestions! What do you like / not like at other convention vendor areas?